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Friday, July 2, 2010

Modifikasi Mobil Ekstrim dari Kupu-Kupu Malam Jogja

A workshop that would otherwise be mistaken for jelly is not garage (because the condition of a clean, artistic and appearance of buildings that people are not models workshop).

Garage owner, Rudi, very far from the appearance of a car let alone designer designer building (garage was indeed designed by Rudi himself a craftsman rather than an engineer). Rudi was a simple man, as it is, like ceplas uninhibitedly (indiscriminately) and always full of enthusiasm for bringing forth new creations.

Sometimes his creations do not make sense or nyleneh, but it probably is there excess. Several times a creation capable of championship trophies won a prestigious, both for the modification of the VW and non VW cars.
As a fanatical fan of VW cars and also cars "flat", the name was already well known Rudi among observers of the automobile. Some times (not keitung) went into television would add selling power of this workshop.
In hindsight, the cost to participate in the championship / automotive contests are very expensive. To build a car that deserves to win the contest, then the numbers are approaching 500 million rupiah would have been exhausted.
Even if use of funds "borrowed" from sponsors, such as TIRE, Sound System, Stir, etc, then at least keep the number above one hundred million rupiah should be provided for the supply of chassis, body, paint, etc. body formation.
Though the championship prize as high as 50 million to perhaps 100 million (there is no championship prize nih 100 million huh?).
For Rudi, the most important probably is not the value of IDR, but his shop when the sale value often win contests in the arena of prestigious cars.
We met him I never thought that she was my sister friends (Sablenk), meaning he compatriot with me in Yogya.
Well, this world is narrow.
Nyleneh one looks at the creation of this green car.


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