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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Modifikasi Volkswagen Kupu-Kupu Malam Jogja

Car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) in Germany must have her head (as admiration) if you see the VW 'Chico' homemade Kunto Wibisono and workshop teams Butterfly Night (KKM) from Yogyakarta. How not. Principal parties must have screwed if the car was the base of the output 1961 1200 VW Beetle, can even be used as inspiration for VW sports car concept.

Giving the name of Chico, "The owner likes to drink Coca-Cola Chivas mixed, (so) Chico's easy to remember," called Kunto Wibisono, commander of the workshop KKM. No one also if KKM which was originally given the nickname of Yogyakarta Car Craftsmen often gave birth to extreme creations.

Included in Chico who lift weights as much as 7 motorize. The idea of using this system which must lift heavy weights are the main points in order to target innovations received high appreciation from the general public.

Kunto translate the contents of the head of Rudi, the owner of VW using motorize as an activator. Details, to close the front trunk (1 unit), two doors left and right (4 units), rear trunk hood (1 unit) and the front bumper (1 unit). "One motor unit capable of lifting 60 kg," said Kunto.

To motorize a movement back and forth in front of the trunk lid using a DC motor driving a Custom with an iron rod 0.75 inches in diameter and 60 cm long, were wearing the iron roof of the 2-inch diameter 45 cm long. "In order for softer roof movement used two custom shock left and right," said Kunto.

Distinctness appeared on the opening and closing of doors which made two-way upward and sideways with four motors rely on a modification of 36-volt DC motor was changed to 12 volts. And designing motorize in many places is not easy. He admitted it took a month to calculate the movement. And to spur the needed three batteries and alternators 80 ampere 85 ampere Porsche standards.

Besides the body, the engine also 'ransacked' not absurdly responsibility. Offal kitchen with implanted pacemaker component Kunto Porsche 914 because according to the same base with VW. Modifikasi Volkswagen Kupu-Kupu Malam Jogja.

Components that are used as crutches following axles and handlebars piston piston from nowadays. Then proceed with the installation of CB Performance cam duration of 120 degrees. Then, the total capacity of 2000 cc combustion chamber into the cylinder after installing the following Porsche 914 cylinder head coupled with the Garrett T3 turbo.


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